Holiday Z- Stitch - Gnome

Holiday Z- Stitch - Gnome

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Made with ZippyPaws’ Z-Stitch Technology, this durable gnome dog toy features layers of durable, cross-stitched fabric, and strong webbing to make this toy last for longer. The Santa Z-Stitch Grunterz is a plush dog toy that grunts instead of squeaks and contains 1 Grunterz noisemaker.

Tough dog toy with grunting noisemaker for an alternative to squeaky dog toys
Designed with ZippyPaws’ exclusive Z-Stitch Technology: a layer of durable fabrics and strong stitching and webbing to ensure long-lasting use
Includes 1 Grunterz noisemaker and contains stuffing
Holiday edition of the ZippyPaws Z-Stitch Grunterz

Design: Santa (Holiday Edition)
Dimensions: 29cm x 18cm x 13cm