Bumpkin - Pumpkin & Apple Nutritional Supplement for Dogs 50g

Bumpkin - Pumpkin & Apple Nutritional Supplement for Dogs 50g

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The Meal Enhancer Bum-Kin is a dry meal topper and a fibre supplement for dogs made from 100% organic pumpkin and apple.

Organic pumpkin and apple fibre supplement for dogs
Formulated to improve digestion and forming firmer stools
Low-glycemic index ingredients and contains only 2 ingredients
No GMOs, chemicals, preservatives, sugar, salt, grains or artificial flavours/colours
Easy-to-administer powder that can be mixed in with food or water
Made in Australia

Size: 50g
NOTE: These are natural products and what you receive may look a little different from our photos. We do our best to provide accurate pictures but due to the nature of the drying process of natural products, it may look different.
Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin, Organic Apple
Note: Intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Should not be used daily. Can be mixed with water for extra hydration.