Miniz 3-Pack - Holiday Donutz

Miniz 3-Pack - Holiday Donutz

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These festive, holiday-themed Donutz are designed as refills for Holiday ZippyPaws Burrows, but can be used on their own as separate squeaky dog toys. Each Donutz contains 1 round squeaker and comes in a different holiday colour.

3-pack refill Holiday Donutz for ZippyPaws Burrows
Comes in different festive colours
Can be used separately without a ZippyPaws Burrow
Ring-shaped design for easy tossing and fetching
Contains 1 round squeaker in each Donutz

Dimensions: 15cm x 11cm x 5cm
Set Includes:
1 Green Miniz Holiday Donutz
1 Red Miniz Holiday Donutz
1 White Miniz Holiday Donutz