Purrfect Crinklebouncer

Purrfect Crinklebouncer

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  • Award-winning cat teaser wand toy
  • Features naturally tinted feathers and crunchy, curly, tear-resistant strands
  • Plenty of textures that your cat will love to paw and play with
  • Springy Flex Cable to create bouncy, unpredictable movements your cat will enjoy
  • Durable wand for easy holding and better control
  • No chemicals or metal material that can be hazardous to your cat
  • Encourages your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and prey
  • Great to use to keep your kitty entertained and active

Colour: Assorted

Wand Length: 81cm

Springy Flex Cable Length: 15cm

Get the PURRfect CrinkleBouncer for endless entertainment for your feline!