Purrfect Crunchy feather Cat Toy, With Extra Attachment

Purrfect Crunchy feather Cat Toy, With Extra Attachment

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  • Interactive cat wand toy to encourage daily activity and exercise for your pet
  • Bouncy flexi-neck wand to support cord and create unpredictable movements
  • Fun feathery to indulge your cat’s hunting and chasing instincts
  • Features a variety of all-natural and naturally treated bird feathers
  • A blend of feathers and tear-resistant plastic crunchy and curly strands for variety
  • Creates the illusion of flight that cats love
  • Boasts various textures to intrigue your pet
  • Built-in noisemakers in wand to keep your kitty’s interest in the toy
  • Durable cord for long-lasting use and prevents breakage even if cat tugs on toy
  • Comes with a bonus attachment for long-lasting use

Design: Assorted Feathers

Wand Length: 81cm

Cord Length: 96.5cm

Bond and play with your cat with the PURRfect CrunchyFeather Cat Toy Wand!