Simple Solution Pee Post Attractant for Dogs

Simple Solution Pee Post Attractant for Dogs

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The Pee Post is a pheromone-infused pet training aid that encourages pet to urinate next to it and makes it easy for pet owners to designate the right bathroom spot for pet.

Puppy and dog pee post outdoor training aid that helps guide them to a specific area
Infused with a non-toxic pheromone that naturally encourages your dog to use the bathroom at the post
Can be used alone or with other house training methods

Colour: Yellow
Dimensions: 32cm x 8.9cm x 16cm
Directions: Choose the desired outdoor spot for your pet to do his business – preferably a quiet grassy area, away from your pet’s food and water. Gently hammer the rounded head of the Pee Post 10cm to 12.7cm into the ground. Make sure your pet is indoors while you’re hammering the Pee Post into the ground so they do not associate the loud noise with the Pee Post, which can keep them away from it.
Once finished, let your pet smell the marking pheromones and get familiar with the Pee Post. Praise them when they go to it. Do not scold your pet if they do not go to the Pee Post; simply bring them back to the same spot each time they need to go to the bathroom until they can do it on their own.